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Bob Wells   |   Robert   |   Once Lost, Now Found

Bob Wells

First, I need to introduce myself, my name is Bob Wells and I am a “major-league” sinner saved by a much more “MAJOR-LEAGUE GRACE.” Many years ago at the age of 12, I made Jesus my Savior. It wasn’t until many years later that I finally made Him Lord of my life. And Oh! What a Lord He is!!!

He rescued me back in 1996 from a major addiction to alcohol, narcotics, & cocaine. My life was nothing but a path of destruction for myself and all those in my “wake”, which I’m sorry to say that many were influenced and effected by my erratic self pleasing life style. After a couple of near death episodes from overdoses, etc… I found myself on June 16th 1996, “Fathers Day”, in a room on the 3rd floor of Tallahassee Community Hospital detoxing. Finally for the first time in my life I felt as though I had come to the end of myself, and began seeking guidance from my real Father, Our Lord and Creator. Little did I realize how true His Word would ring, “Call unto Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Being at my end, I found His beginning, and how marvelous it was to step out of darkness into the Light!

As my appetite for His Word and His Way grew over the next few years I threw myself into His arms in reckless abandonment, knowing He was preparing me as a vessel for His chosen purpose, I knew life as I had previously known (self-seeking) was over and would now be given wholly to His service. On November 25, 2001, sitting on the church pew, He clearly told me, “I want you to serve me full time”! Upon getting home from church that day I told my wife He has called and I have answered, “Yes! Here I am send me!” She asked, “where and to what”? I said, “I don’t have a clue but, just as He has been preparing me He has also been preparing a ministry for me, which He will reveal in His time.”

On August 1, 2002, ChristTown Ministries began in Quincy, Florida. Wow! What a journey, this has been, an incredible year of “walking by faith, and not by sight”. We seldom are allowed to see very far down the road. He is training us not to be an independent people but a God-Dependent people.

When God called me to began this ministry, we knew it was going to require sacrifice of self, time, comfort, and money. After praying for the Lord’s direction we put our home and property up for sale, went to the bank and took out a line of credit for $100,000.00 and began leasing a property which consists of a 23 unit motel, a 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse, and a 12 room boarding house. We are privileged to house women and children in the hotel, and men in the boarding house. We hold chapel services and are planning to open a thrift store in the warehouse, as soon as we have the funding to meet the building & fire code requirements, etc. Needless to say a ministry such as this is quite a financial load each month, and during the times when we were wondering how we were going to make it the Lord always faithfully called one of His children to step up and help bear the burden. We are running an average cost of about $12- 15,000.00 per month, with no salaries being paid whatsoever. Everyone working to meet the needs, whether full or part-time is strictly on a volunteer basis.

I am once again, as has been many times on this journey coming to the end of myself, which is always a good and exciting thing! Because this is when the Master can step forward and show His Majesty. We are at the end of our line of credit; our property and home are under contract to be closed by the end of December, which will give us some much, needed cash flow to help secure owner-ship of property for ChristTown Ministries vs. leasing property. Many times during prayer and speaking with brothers and sisters in Christ the Lord has said to me “You have not because you ask not” as humbly as I can I am asking you, His body to please help. All I asked is for you to pray and seek direction from Him, do as He leads.

Many, many souls have been saved, literally thousands of meals fed, and much love abounded. I suppose one of the greatest blessings to see, besides a lost soul coming into the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus, is to see a hardened fearful child come into a life of stability and love and to burst out of the hard shell the world has caused him/her to place around themselves and become a true child again full of smiles, laughter, and hugs, learning once again I can trust, things can be different! We truly must rescue the perishing and care for the dying! The field is white with harvest but the laborers are few.

All for Jesus,

Bob Wells


Robert was referred to us by an organization named P.R.I.D.E., which helps people who are being released from prison find a place to live. Robert had been in and out of prison a number of times, mostly from crimes due to drug use/trafficking etc. During Robert’s stay in prison he had begun to attend some chapel services and began seeking God. He told me they had given him a few options on where he could go after release and felt the Lord told him Quincy!

Robert told me upon arrival that he had not seen his family in years, he new he had children and his mother and sisters etc. were living the last he new in the Ft. Lauderdale area. After his addiction to cocaine, heroin, and alcohol had consumed him he had lost all contact with family. After Roberts’s arrival at ChristTown he began getting settled into the program and attended daily chapel services, men’s devotionals etc. before long the Holy Spirit began pulling on Roberts heart strings and this “hardened hearted criminal” cried out to the Lord for salvation!!! Robert soon secured a job at a local furniture plant, and his supervisor says Robert is one of his hardest working employees. Robert continued to stay at ChristTown and grow in God, but his desire to find his family began to grow more and more. After a few phone calls to people back in Ft. Lauderdale Robert heard his mother and sisters had move to north Florida, can you believe it? Tallahassee! Only 25 miles away. Robert got out the Tallahassee phone book and began searching for his mother, he could hardly believe his eyes, and there was her name in black & white!!! He hesitantly dialed the number, not sure what he would find on the other end, Mama, love, anger, rejection… Well as God would have it Robert reached his mother and she was so thrilled to hear from him as they hadn’t talked in 7-8 years, she was not sure if he was dead or alive. Robert told her he had accepted Jesus as his Savior and was a changed man, his mother began to weep as she and Robert’s siblings had come to know Jesus several years before and had been praying for God’s hand of protection to be on Robert. These photos are of Robert and his mother and sister's first meeting after many years of being apart, not knowing where each other were. After many hugs and tears of joy we joined hands and began to thank our Lord and Savior, the great restorer and healer of brokenness.

Robert said ChristTown will always be “home” to him, he said his life was changed by getting his eyes on Jesus and off of the world he had lived in so, so, long.

Robert is still employed at a local company in Gadsden County and rents his own house only a couple of blocks from ChristTown, frequently stopping by to see his brothers & sisters in Christ!

Once Lost, Now Found

Daddy's Hands, A Father's Heart

Growing up my family lived in a small town. My father was a boiler operator and my mother was a waitress. My two older sisters and I went to a Catholic school and our family went to church every Sunday. But to me church was just a big front so no one would know how dysfunctional my family really was. My dad was an alcoholic and a gambler. He would beat my mother almost every day. And when I got old enough he started beating me too. My mom was too scared to ask him for a divorce, so one morning I woke up and my sisters were gone.

She left with them and wrote me a note that said she would come back for me when she got her own place. So at 11 years old, I was trying to fill my mothers shoes and take care of my father. No matter how hard I tried nothing was ever good enough. Cooking, cleaning, laundry....he would find any reason to hit me. One day he hit me hard enough and put me in the hospital. Everyone kept asking questions about what happened but all I could think about was what they would do to my dad if I told the truth, so I said I fell down the stairs. I feared my father but I feared for him too. I didn't want him to be alone. I felt responsible for him. At age 13, I met a boy and mistook sex for love and got pregnant. He told me if I didn't have an abortion, he would kick me out, so I did. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. After that he moved us to Virginia, so my mother couldn't find us.

I never understood why a man I loved and respected so much could hurt me like he did. At 16 I thought I was in love and got pregnant twice. I lost both babies. I blamed God for a long time. I always wondered; if He loved me so much, why would He make my life so difficult? But now that I know who God is and what He had to go through to save me from my sins, my life doesn't look nearly as bad as it used to. He is the only One who loves me for me, faults and all. And the whole time I was looking for love in all the wrong places, all I had to do was look up and submit myself to Him.

He could have let me die the night I tried to , but He spared me. He saved me from a life of destruction, heartache, and spiritual death. He's teaching me how to love myself and how to become a woman. See I always thought I knew everything until He broke me down telling me, "Get real, you don't even know yourself until you know where you came from." He brought me to reality. I'm nothing without God in my life and the only person who knows everything is Him. I thank Him everyday for saving me and bringing me to ChristTown. He's shown me what love is, true unconditional love. I don't have to be afraid anymore because no matter where I go, He is with me; and no matter how hard I try not to listen He still gets through. And everything good or bad that happens to me is because of Him. He won't give me anything I can't handle and I'll never be alone, because He is there.