Core services:

Phase 2 Residential Program

After graduating Phase 1, particpants have the option to apply for Phase 2.  Phase 2 is tailored to meet the goals of the inidividual.  Some may desire to further their education and obtain a skill for employment or some may desire to go directly to work.  This phase enables them to do either, still with strong accountability, to prepare them for returning into society with their own place to live, automobile and employment.  


Click here for the Phase 2 Agreement.

Phase 1 Residential Program

This program spans a one year time frame, giving the program participant the time and tools needed for the next phase of recovery.  During this time the participant is focused on recovery classes and work skills.  


Click here for the Phase 1 Program Agreement.

Family Meetings 

There is a series of four Family Meetings that are designed to help family members of participants support and help their loved ones overcome their addictions.  These meetings are vital for any and all family that will be communicating and visiting the program participant. 


  1. Rules.... participants will gain an understanding of CMI rules, what they are and why we have them 
  2. Symptoms...participants will gain an understanding of symptoms of alcohol/drug addict
  3. Forgiveness...participants will gain freedom found in forgivenss
  4. Relapse Prevention...participants will gain an understanding of what relapse is, how to forecast and divert it.




.  Men's Residential Recovery Program

.  Christian 12-Step Recovery Meetings

 Family Recovery Classes/Meetings

 7-Steps To Freedom In Christ Bible             Study

.  Anger Management                                       Education/Counseling 

.  Relapse Prevention Meetings

 Church Services

Christian Recovery Bible Study

Family Meeting Schedule --- due to current circumstances Family Meetings are only being offered online.  Please navigate to Family Meetings page on the website.

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